Let God be your Confidence


I am assured of this thing, trust in the Lord, and he will make your paths straight.

Life is a long series of decisions: from the simple decisions on what to eat daily to more significant ones about career, marriage, children, where to live etc.  As you journey through life, everything has a way of influencing you; the people around you, the community, church, co-workers, media.  And more often than not, we make the mistake of making decisions based on what will appeal to others.

But I am confident in this thing, if you trust the Lord and seek him as you make life choices, you will not be ashamed!

People may not always agree with your choices, and they will truly have opinions on just about everything you do.  Use God and his word as your yard stick, period.  Don’t choose a degree major to please your parents. Don’t make a career choice to fit in with your peers. Don’t get married because you’re getting too old. Don’t have children because that is what married people are supposed to do…don’t conform, stand out.

Make decisions because they are in line with God’s purpose for your life, because those decisions make you happy and because you want to live a life that pleases the Father, period.  When you navigate life from that perspective, you will find satisfaction and fulfillment.

As you live out the goals and resolutions you make for 2014, go back and evaluate if those goals are truly based on the plan, purpose and the path God has for you.  If they are, then confidently proceed forward, focused and without looking back.


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