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Maximize Your Potential through Maximizing Your Resources

Are you fulfilling your goals and dreams or are they lying dormant? Catherine Franklin teaches the audience how to be intentional about linking their goals with their resources of time, money, talent and relationships in order to direct their resources in a way that maximizes their opportunities to reach those goals. Life is supposed to be a purposeful and meaningful journey. Catherine believes that each individual has access to everything they need to fulfill their most compelling dreams and goals but they have to be intentional in how they choose to use their life.

Thriving through Challenging and Changing Times

One of the most important skills in today’s marketplace is the ability to adapt to change and thrive despite the challenges that come your way. In this highly relevant and thought provoking presentation, Catherine Franklin equips audiences to understand and create the building blocks of resilience so they can handle change effectively, bounce back from setbacks and maintain a positive perspective in uncertainty.

Work/Life Balance: Joyfully Excelling in Life and Work

How balanced is your life? Which areas make you happy, satisfied and fulfilled? Which areas need improvement? As the world gets faster paced, and stress levels rise, how do you keep a since of balance, have satisfaction and happiness through it all? Using coaching tools and techniques, Catherine will show you how to create more balance, fulfillment and happiness while reducing stress and overload.

Getting Your Finances Back On Track

The economy may have left your finances beat up, or you just need to get “your act together” financially. Catherine Franklin will equip your audience with the tools to rebuild, restructure, or re-enforce their financial house.

Woman Power! Girly, Chic and Strong!

Catherine Franklin will empower your women audience to understand and effectively channel their God given strengths to succeed in business, work and life. She teaches women how to overcome pigeon-hole self definitions and perspectives that set women back and keep them from fulfilling their potential. Catherine believes that women can love their lives, fulfill their roles in life (wife, mother, etc) as they desire, without giving up their dreams and aspirations.


Catherine Franklin understands what it means to succeed at college. Having been an international student with little parental support or federal financial aid, Catherine managed to graduate with a double major in Professional Accounting and Management Information Systems, and concurrently completing a Masters in Business Administration all in 6 years. She graduated on top of her class – Magma Cum Laude, DEBT FREE and transitioned into a successful corporate career.

  • Succeeding at being a College Student
  • Life Choices = Life Results
  • Graduating College Debt Free


Catherine Franklin is passionate about fulfilling her kingdom assignment which is to empower others (especially fellow believers in Christ) to thrive in life and work.

  • Discovering, Protecting and Realizing the Vision (plans & purposes) of God for your life
  • The Balanced Woman (Proverbs 31)
  • A God Centered Approach to Prosperity