Easy Low Cost Accounting Solution

Are you a shoe-boxer?  Are You a Business Owner Lost in a Maze of Numbers, Receipts and Scraps of Paper?

Our easy low cost accounting solution (ELCAS) helps simplify your record keeping and gives you the tools, reports and confidence to make more informed business decisions so you can sleep at night and be productive by day.

Who has time for bookkeeping?

Most business owners are great at what they do; providing goods and services but cannot keep up with their bookkeeping.  Unfortunately, your raw financial data is just that, raw. Without a system, structure and the knowledge to interpret it, you remain burdened and buried. You need to transform those data points into metrics that allow you to run your business with agility. First, you need to know what to track. Then, you need to find the best way to capture your data, and last, a way to turn that raw data into meaningful information.

ELCAS brings you into the light.  Our experienced CPAs will set up the easy accounting system and  train you to find the information you want and need. We give you the tools you need so you know what to track, and how to find information even when we are not on site. Our clients tell us they feel confident that once they start working with us they know where their money comes from and where it goes.

Living in Chaos Wastes Your Time, Energy and Money

Without a solid system in place, messy records and financial disasters drain your energy, pollute relationships and deplete your bank account. Late fees, fines, penalties, and missed business negatively affect your profits. Uncertainty can rot your confidence and clarity. This disease will spread throughout your business, infecting your employees and customers, eroding your business from the inside out. Purchasing an accounting software application doesn’t automatically grow your knowledge of accounting best practices. That takes time, study and dedication to get the job done.

How To Go From the Shoebox to freedom

Our team consists of qualified accountants many of whom are Certified Public Accountants who specialize in transforming messy records into a functioning system providing you the information you need at a click away. We get you on-track and help you stay there. Once your financial data is up to date, we find that most clients take less than 30 minutes to keep up their data but if you are too busy we can continue to keep up with your data.

Want To Know How To Free Yourself From Chaos and Gain Control?

ELCAS helps you get a realistic picture of your financial health so you can make informed decisions in your business, create functional, not fictional budgets, and track income and expenses intelligently. Our clients feel empowered. They can find the information they want when they want it. They make more money and are freed up to focus on their strengths.

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Schedule your free 30-minute assessment and find out what life can be like when you are on track and can find your data with ease. We specialize in helping artisans, contractors, legal, medical and service professionals go from chaos to having an organized system of recordkeeping and decision-making.