Client Success


Having known Catherine for several years on a personal level and seen her at work on various projects, I knew that she is someone who could help me connect the dots from where I was and where I was headed. I admire her enthusiasm for life, how she sets goals, be they personal and professional or even community driven goals. She embodies the kind of individual that firmly yet gently ‘directs’ one to consider their life and how they are actively going through life positively or otherwise. When I started coaching with Catherine, I was not quite sure how the whole process worked or how I would be able to apply it to my circumstances. I had definite objectives/goals on what I wanted to accomplish but could not articulate how to get there even in my own mind. To this end, she helped me dissect my own ideas and draw conclusions that I could own. She helped me consider options that I had considered before but discarded for various reasons, address problems that would very likely crop up along the way and establish smaller more manageable goals leading up to achieving my main dream. Since I am very opinionated and stubborn, for coaching to be beneficial to me, I had to be working with an individual who did not shy away from my personality. Catherine has always managed to express her own views while at the same time respectfully dissent from others opinions which on many occasions have greatly differed from hers. I believe this one of the traits that has made her such an excellent coach. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone who is ready to do the hard work of identifying and clearly expressing their goal thereby charting a path between the present and the future. The very concept of Coaching is very consuming and one should not embark on this journey unless they are ready to do the hard work that is required for it to be successful. It requires honesty with oneself and our abilities that will allow the Coach to walk with you but not carry you.

Eva K., Dallas, TX