Client Success


I started coaching with Catherine because I wanted to sit for the CPA certification exam. It is something that had been on my “to do” plate for several years but I felt like I had a number of obstacles that kept me from taking the exam. Working with Catherine enabled me to see these obstacles as stepping stones. One of my obstacles was I thought I did not have enough time to study. Catherine helped me determine the value of obtaining the certification to me which made me I realize that I needed to make attaining this goal a priority in my life given the benefits I would reap. She helped me evaluate whether my goal was worth the sacrifice it would take to make the time to prepare and take the exam. One of the things I learned from the sessions was to determine what my optimal study time was and maximize on it. She is very passionate during the sessions and really emphasized that I need to always play from a place of strength and not a place of fear. By sharing her personal experiences, she made what seemed so unattainable seem very possible. Now I’m finally scheduled to take the first part of the exam in 2 weeks and I am delighted because I feel better prepared and more confident. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity that was afforded to me to be coached by Catherine. I would highly recommend her because she is very committed to her clients; she is very passionate and also understanding. She does not judge someone instead she shares her own personal experiences which made me even more comfortable to communicate with her. Though my coaching sessions with Catherine mainly focused on my career development, much of what she taught me I have been able to apply to other areas of my life and this has given me a new perspective on how to take risks, prioritize my goals and manage my time.

Lou K., Dallas, TX